Where do I get knowledge?

Today I want to tell you about my favorite sources of knowledge. These sources evolve year after year, what I followed in 2015 doesn’t match where I learn now. These days most of the new information comes from Youtube channels. I’m subscribed to several of them and it provides me with great food for thought and self-improvement.


The Futur

Don’t remember how I discovered The Futur channel on Youtube. I think I saw its founder Chris Do as a guest speaker somewhere else. His way of explaining difficult things simply immediately touched my mind. That amount of priceless content I haven’t seen anywhere so far. It’s always straight to the point. Chris and his team do a lot of educational videos about design, business, and entrepreneurial mindset which can be applied to any other creative field.


Ran Segall

I found Ran’s channel called Flux about 3 years ago. He was talking about a fresh platform for codeless web development called Webflow. After a while, I became very excited about its possibilities and I decided to take his course on Webflow. It turned out to be a really cool thing to have in my designer’s skill set. Apart from that, Ran produces a lot of other interesting content like new tools overview, tips & tricks, web design reviews, and others.


Thomas Brush

Despite, Thomas Brush is an indie game developer, his channel is interesting to me as I love video games and want to make a video game myself one day (or even turn to full-time game development, who knows?). At the moment I’m learning Unity step by step and I find a lot of inspiration and motivation in his videos. Thomas has already released a couple of games – Pinstripe and Neversong. He shared the creative process along the way.


Udemy & Skillshare

These were the two major platforms for improving my design skills and knowledge at the beginning of my career. I still use Udemy and Skillshare from time to time, but more for gaining non-design-related pieces of knowledge. The latest courses that I took there were on writing and Unity.



One of the best solutions for me these days is listening to audiobooks. While I’m driving or working out at the gym – there’s always an audiobook in my ears. Here’s the list of some of the latest books that I listened to:

  • The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone
  • My Life and Work by Henry Ford
  • Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari
  • Mind Power by John Kehoe



You all know it. Medium is an amazing platform for reading/writing articles and there are tons of them on all topics and for all levels. Every time I wait in a queue I take my phone and open Medium.


To sum up everything, I’d say that no matter what sources of self-improvement you choose, it’s important to never stop learning. The modern world moves at a high speed and if you stop educating yourself you have very high chances of being overboard. Besides that, learning is fun and I believe it improves you as a person.


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