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At Kisi, I was working on creating modern keyless entry systems aimed to make door access digital, seamless and secure. My scope of work included redesigning the admin dashboard for web and mobile apps for Android and iOS. In 1,5 years that I was with Kisi, we managed to release the fully-redesigned admin’s part and introduced various new features to mobile apps. Both were well-received by the existing users. Appstore and Google Play Market ratings went up to 4.8/5.


Style Guide

Kisi styleguide


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Mobile App

Working on the mobile app included a lot of concepts and testing. Some features sound good on paper, but sometimes tests show that it might be unnecessary to add it. Some of the most important features added at my duty were scheduled unlocks, lockdown, lost cards report and favourite locks.

Kisi mobile app

Kisi mobile app

Kisi ios app

Web App

Admin part of the website is the product’s core. It’s where all the setup for further magic happens. Redesigning it was difficult and interesting at the same time. There were about 150 screens in total. Of course I won’t burden you showing all of them here.

Wireframe Kisi App

Kisi web mockup

 Kisi web app


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