How I approach a design project

Each design project is unique. However, after years in the industry, I came to a simple method for approaching almost any design project. It’s a set of questions that you need to know the answers to be able to successfully proceed with the task.

  1. Who is the target audience? Who’s going to use this website or app?
  2. What problem do the users want to solve?
  3. What are the client’s goals? What will be considered a success?
  4. When is the deadline? How can we break down the project into milestones?
  5. How would the client like the deliverables to be prepared?
  6. What is the budget for design? Or better tell your desired price and negotiate from there.

It’s also very important to know who are the stakeholders. Make sure that the person with who you discuss the project is the same person who will accept it. Otherwise, you may end up in a situation when everything has to be done all over again.

Once you know all the answers you’ll be able to come up with a good strategy and execution. Don’t do everything behind the closed door, talk to your client, talk to their team. Design is an iterative process and it requires some input at any stage.

Hope this information was helpful and you will use it in your future projects! 👋


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