A few words about motivation

People chase for motivation a lot nowadays. They attend courses, listen to podcasts, watch Youtube, and hire personal coaches. However, motivation without a greater goal quickly evaporates. When a person has the goal to break out of the ghetto, the motivation could be very high without any external help. In my example, when I worked one summer as a delivery guy and then as a construction worker it gave me such a boost to start developing my design skills. I wanted to become a freelancer, work from home (or any other place) so I will never have to earn money with my muscles under the burning sun anymore. I began reading books on design basics, started practicing Photoshop. The same year I started getting job inquiries for small graphic design tasks and built upon that. It was small money back then, less than I could earn being a construction worker, but I knew that potentially I could make it pay my bills in the future. Of course that required dedication and constant self-development from my side.

Another thing I wanted to add here is that any motivation without action becomes useless. When you’re motivated the key thing is to start taking small steps immediately, otherwise the motivation will be lost pretty quickly. The cool thing is that when you start acting you build up the momentum and your motivation stays and even becomes bigger. That’s when the true magic happens. However, many of us stay in the loop of watching & listening to motivational speeches without taking any steps towards our goals. We always feel that we aren’t good enough to start. That’s the biggest mistake of all time. No one of the great artists, musicians, sportsmen, scientists was good enough when they started. Greatness is being developed in the process.


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